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Bring your yard back to its full potential. Rely on our team of experts to handle your stump removal and yard restoration with industry leading standards. PowerHouse Stumpin is a tried and true stump removal company right here in Appleton, WI. Once the stump grinding and debris clean up process is complete, we'll fill in the hole with pulverized topsoil and blend to match, leaving your yard with a level even appearance.

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What's included in our full package?

What's included in our full package?

Our full stump removal restoration package includes:

  • Getting rid of your stump
  • Hauling away the debris
  • Delivering dirt to your property
  • Filling in the hole left by the stump
This high-end option will ensure that your yard looks completely spotless once we leave. Our work isn't finished until you're happy with your property's appearance. Call us today at 920-257-9699 to talk to someone from our stump removal company.